„Europe in the time of Crisis” is a cycle of international youth exchanges aiming  to strengthen feeling of responsibility of young people for the world that surrounds us. During the project we will analyze the state of Democracy in modern Europe and reasons for its crisis in our countries – try to understand different interests that are holding society from taking immediate action, to understand political processes connected to it and reflect on its impact on our lives. 


The aim of this project is to enable young people to build sense of understanding, orientation and resilience in nowadays world through:  

exploring the state of democracy in modern Europe, current issues connected to it, their political consequences and impact on young peoples lives,

rising a feeling of responsibility for our society and it’s practical manifestationStep into the role of a migrant in order to create a personal connection and rise empathy.

exchanging views and opinions of young people from different countries on the topic,  

building a sense of “being on the same boat” with young people from all over Europe and finding common approaches to those problems.  


LARP (Live Action Role Play Game) is a combination of game, simulation and improvised theater. Educational LARPs consist of a storytelling part in which the context and the world that participants operate in is described, the creation of characters that participants become and the rules of the game that everyone plays. LARPs also involve some additional elements like props, scenography and intrigues that together create the complete story.  This story lets participants experience unknown and play the game in the way that emphasis valuable content, as well as develop their competences: knowledge, skills and attitudes.

The concept of LARP is well known around the world, but can it be used for educational proposes? The answer is yes! We have adopted the methodology to the context of youth work and Erasmus+ program – by creating world of Edinu that is a unique educational experience in the filed of civic education.