„On The Way To Edinu – Building a Community of Value” is a Erasmus+ youth exchange which is aiming to reduce negative approach of young people in Europe towards persons with migration background and prevent radicalization of that lead to aggressive behaviors and acts of discrimination. We will use the eduLARP methodology to step into shoes of a migrants and look at the processes from the first person perspective. 


To reduce negative perception of persons with a migration background despite of their cultural or national origins and prevent acts of aggression by rising feeling of solidarity among young people.

Analyze the construction of intercultural societies in Europe in order to understand relations among its members and possible sources of conflicts as well as trends of development of European societies.

Step into the role of a migrant in order to create a personal connection and rise empathy.

Continue to develop our educational LARP game and the world of Edinu.


LARP (Live Action Role Play Game) is a combination of game, simulation and improvised theater. Educational LARPs consist of a storytelling part in which the context and the world that participants operate in is described, the creation of characters that participants become and the rules of the game that everyone plays. LARPs also involve some additional elements like props, scenography and intrigues that together create the complete story.  This story lets participants experience unknown and play the game in the way that emphasis valuable content, as well as develop their competences: knowledge, skills and attitudes.

The concept of LARP is well known around the world, but can it be used for educational proposes? The answer is yes! We have adopted the methodology to the context of youth work and Erasmus+ program – by creating world of Edinu that is a unique educational experience in the topic of migration.