Of course a post-apo LARP requires en epic costume! We invite you all to start working on your costumes already now. Here are somme advices about tribal postapocaliptic costumes:

  • look for old clothes at home or at secondhand shops (leather, linen, jeans, brown, grey, black, army-like)
  • boots (leather-like, old, not sneakers)
  • accessories (belts, suspenders, armlets, hats, caps, bags, googles)
  • jewellery (bones, metal, screws etc.)

Remember, we live in a post-app world! So even if you are and aristocrat the fancy dress will not be appropriate. We live in the world that most of the signs of our civilization is gone. We wear what we find or are able to create ourselves. “On the way to Edinu” is a tribal post apocalyptic LARP so you have a freedom to combine typical post-apo look with prehistoric, tribal, shamanic elements.Don’t worry, we will have costume crafting workshops where we will upgrade your clothes. Also, we have a lot of old clothes available for you here, but it’s always better to have a base that you are comfortable with, that is really your size and to continue building on it during the workshops.